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Threats to Your Cell Phone: Antivirus and Security Tips

Cell Phone

Cell phone security has become a hot topic in recent years due to the progress that hackers and other cyber criminals have made in these areas. More Information

Because cell phones are becoming more computer-like, they are becoming susceptible to the same, and even more dangers. The increase in danger comes from the heavy reliance users place on these devices, as well as constant possession. Cell phone users are able to access smart apps to ease their workload. These apps allow users to make the most of a powerful tool that helps them to work from anywhere at any time, greatly improving time efficiency. More Information

With social media networks, Bluetooth, infrared, and the options to use pluggable devices and smart apps, there is tremendous power within a cellphone. Unfortunately, there are also various threats which come with the use of these devices. More Information (pdf)


Smishing is a term which refers to mobile phishing. More Information

Hackers will send out SMS text messages with details about an amount that has been spent using your credit card or a service that has been discontinued. More Information

You will then be asked to click on a web link where you need to enter your personal details such as credit card number, security CVV code, and other personal details to make the payment or re-register for the service. This is done very cleverly and the website will look very convincing, but the purpose is only to collect your personal details. Never open any links such as these. More Information

Also, banks and financial institutions will never contact you and ask you to submit your personal details over the Internet. Do not reply - instead make a report to the legitimate company. More Information


Vishing on the other hand is an even more dangerous and better planned scheme that uses the power of VOIP to spoof Caller ID and sometimes compromise a call-center’s calling system to make calls. More Information (pdf)

Using an automated dialer, the system asks users to call back to a certain number which is often the same number reflected on the Caller ID. Then, there will be a request to enter the financial or other personal details. More Information

The idea is to tell users that their credit card or bank account is compromised, or that a suspected transaction has taken place. More Information

The concerned user is then led to dial the provided number which is routed to an AVR which instructs the user to punch in the credit card number, the CVV code, and the bank account details. More Information


Cyberbullying occurs when a minor is being harassed by another minor using the Internet. More Information

Unlike traditional bullying, Cyberbullying can be committed by an anonymous person. More Information

Cyberbullying can use the Internet in several different ways to intimidate and harass his or her victim. The forms can be through email, instant messaging, chatrooms, social networking sites, mobile phones, interactive gaming, sending viruses, or through the abuse of personal information. More Information

The intentions of the cyberbully also changes the way it is received. The form can be Flaming, Harassment, Denigration, Impersonations, Outing, Trickery, Exclusions, Cyberstalking, and Cyberthreats. More Information (pdf)

There is hope if you are a victim of Cyberbullying. Often times, a cyberbully can be caught by tracking their IP addresses. Most Internet service companies take Cyberbullying and identity thefts very seriously. When a complaint is lodged, the tracking can be put in place to ensure that the bully is caught and prosecuted. Sometimes it is helpful to do some information tracking beforehand to aid in the investigation. More Information

The best way to avoid being the victim of cyberbullying and the harassment that it includes is to be aware and take preventative measures. More Information (pdf)

Viruses and Malware

Viruses and Malware are an existing threat on the Internet which keep coming back in new and improved versions. More Information (pdf)

Viruses and Malware, like biological bacteria, are malicious programs and codes which can infect a computer system or even a cell phone, making the device vulnerable for security breach and loss of data. More Information

Billions of dollars are being spent each year to secure online transactions, online databases, personal data, networks, and personal computer systems. Even cell phones are also being updated with antivirus systems to prevent them from being attacked by such malicious software. More Information

While choosing an antivirus system, it is pertinent to check whether it provides total security from online attacks and viruses plus network security for any attacks and compromises coming through any computer system on the network. More Information (pdf)

Additionally, security should be in place for any pluggable hard drives and media such as USB drives, external hard drives, wireless networks, CD drives, and Bluetooth devices. More Information (pdf)

It is also important to check whether the antivirus software will provide email security, silent firewall, privacy protection, data theft protection, and also scanning for cell phones. More Information (pdf)

Use a good cell phone with various security features including a call reject facility. Use a good antivirus system for your phone too. Lastly, keep yourself updated about what is happening in the world of technology and stay safe. More Information (pdf)

Article last updated June 17, 2011.

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