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Avast! Free Antivirus Version 6.0 Screen Shots:

Screenshot #1:   The Avast! Free Antivirus installation process is quick and simple, even when compared against commercial antivirus offerings.

Avast! Installation

Screenshot #2:   After installation, you can navigate the Avast! Dashboard to launch a Full or Quick Scan, change settings, or check on the current security status of your system. A prominent Silent/Gaming Mode feature lets users disable notifications when an application is running in full-screen mode.

Avast! Dashboard

Screenshot #3:   The Avast! Free Antivirus Scan Now page supports launching a Full Scan or a Quick Scan. You can also scan removable media for viruses, or limit the scan to a specific folder and set of subfolders.

Avast! Virus Scanner

Screenshot #4:   The Real-Time Shields screen provides a scrolling display of how many files, network connections or other objects Avast! is examining every second. An Expert Settings button on each shield screen supports configuring real-time scanning options for the selected object.

Avast! Real-Time Shields

Screenshot #5:   New this year, Avast's AutoSandbox detects potentially malicious applications and automatically puts them into a secure execution environment, greatly limiting the damage they can inflict on a user's computer system.

Avast AutoSandbox

Screen Shot #6:   On the Update screen, Avast! displays the current virus definition update status, the number of virus definition stored by Avast! on the local machine, and the current version of Avast! Free Antivirus.

Avast! Update Screen

Screenshot #7:   The Avast! Settings dialog contains a plethora of options for configuring application behavior. New users will likely want to beat a path to the Sounds dialog and turn off the Voiceovers feature which can be quite intrusive.

Avast! Settings

Screenshot #8:   The Shield Settings dialog allow users to configure real-time scanning behavior to an incredible level of detail. The File System Shield, for example, can be tuned to scan or not to scan files in response to a number of user actions, such as attaching a file to an email or writing it to disk. Avast! also supports setting scan sensitivity, and configuring a custom list of excluded files.

Shield Settings

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