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BitDefender Free Edition (2009) Screen Shots:

Screenshot #1:   BitDefender Free AntiVirus installs quickly, but requires a reboot at the end of the installation.

BitDefender Set Up

Screenshot #2:   BitDefender requires users to create an account in order to keep its virus definitions up to date. This screen is displayed immediately upon installation reboot; if you cancel it, BitDefender will consider the product unactivated, and will list this as a problem that must be resolved.

Account Creation

Screenshot #3:   Instead of automatically updating itself to ensure your computer is secure, BitDefender warns you of problems with your current security status, and requires that you initiate a manual fix.

BitDefender Warns You to Fix Issues

Screenshot #4:   The Update screen is launched whenever BitDefender begins a virus definition update. One of BitDefender Free AntiVirus' selling points is its frequent virus definition updates: the application downloads an average of 22 updates daily.

BitDefender Update

Screen Shot #5:   The Basic View of the BitDefender Dashboard displays your computer's current security status. From here you can initiate a number of scans, including a Full Scan, a Deep Scan, and a My Documents Scan. Additional scan types are available in the Advanced View by clicking Antivirus->Virus Scan.

BitDefender Dashboard

Screenshot #6:   The BitDefender Settings dialog is one of the more minimal settings screens we've seen in an antivirus application: it supports all of five binary options.

Basic Settings

Screenshot #7:   The Virus Scan screen in Advanced View allows intermediate and advanced users to initiate a wider variety of scans than are available in Basic View.

Virus Scanner

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