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Microsoft Security Essentials 2.0 Screen Shots:

Screenshot #1:   After installing Security Essentials 2.0, the application immediately begins downloading the latest virus definition updates.

Security Essentials Installation

Screenshot #2:   The Quick Scan dialog launches as soon as Security Essentials has updated all of its virus definitions.

Quick Scan

Screenshot #3:   The Security Essentials Dashboard shows the current protection status of the computer, and provides access to its update and configuration options. From this page, users can initiate a virus scan, see the result of the last scan, and adjust scan scheduling.

Security Essentials Dashboard

Screenshot #4:   The Update page displays the last time the virus definition database was updated, and supports checking for updates on demand. Since virus definition updates are downloaded automatically as they are released, most users won't need to consult this page.

Virus Definition Update

Screen Shot #5:   The ill-named History window displays all files that have been removed or placed into quarantine (prevented from executing, but not removed from the system). Users can display all items, quarantined items only, or the "allowed" items that the user has specifically identified as safe.

MSE History

Screenshot #6:   The Settings window in Microsoft Security Essentials 2.0 is not as jam-packed as in equivalent applications, but is easy to understand and navigate. Automatic updating, automatic scanning, and real-time monitoring are enabled at installation; most users can ignore this window, and safely rely on these defaults.

MSE Settings

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