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Note: The scanning speeds shown below are for default settings for each free antivirus program. Since the default settings for each program are quite different, the testing below doesn't necessarily indicate which free antivirus program has the fastest virus scanner. However, since most users don't alter the default settings, it's useful to see how fast each program is in default mode.

Scan speeds were found for the first/initial scan after installation (a 1.0 GB set of 3000 files was scanned - which included Windows system files, media files, and other files commonly found on a computer system). Subsequent scans are generally faster than the initial scan speeds shown below. (See our Free Antivirus Performance Tests where we also tested Subsequent Scan Speeds.)

Free Antivirus Versions Tested: Avast! Free AntiVirus 6.0, AVG AntiVirus Free 2011, Avira AntiVir Personal 10.0, BitDefender Free Edition 2009, ClamWin Free AntiVirus 0.97, Comodo Antivirus Free 2011, Digital Defender AntiVirus Free 2.1, Kingsoft Free AntiVirus v2010.08, Microsoft Security Essentials 2.0, Panda Cloud AntiVirus Free 1.4, PC Tools AntiVirus Free 2011, Rising AntiVirus Free Edition 2011.

Graphs compiled April 26, 2011

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  1) Avast! Free AntiVirus 6 Review - Rating:   Excellent
  2) Avira AntiVir Personal 10 Review - Rating:   Very Good
  3) AVG AntiVirus Free 2011 Review - Rating:   Good
  4) Microsoft Security Essentials 2.0 Review - Rating:   Good
  5) Panda Cloud AntiVirus Free 1.4 Review - Rating:   Good
  6) BitDefender Free AntiVirus Review - Rating:   Fair
  7) Comodo Free AntiVirus 2011 Review - Rating:   Fair
  8) Kingsoft Free AntiVirus 2011 Review - Rating:   Fair
  9) PC Tools AntiVirus Free 2011 Review - Rating:   Fair
 10) Rising AntiVirus 2011 Free Review - Rating:   Average
 11) ClamWin Free AntiVirus 0.97 Review - Rating:   Below Ave
 12) Digital Defender AntiVirus Free 2.1 Review - Rating:   Below Ave

Free AntiVirus Reviews: Avast! Free AntiVirus 6
AVG AntiVirus Free 2011
Avira AntiVir Personal 10
BitDefender Free AntiVirus
ClamWin Free AntiVirus 0.97
Comodo AntiVirus 2011
Digital Defender AntiVirus Free 2.1
Kingsoft Free AntiVirus
Microsoft Security Essentials 2.0
Panda Cloud AntiVirus Free 1.4
PC Tools Free AntiVirus 2011
Rising AntiVirus 2011 Free Edition

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